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Fox Sports Live Video: Shaun Livingston's road to recovery

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Fox Sports Live produced a mini-feature video on their YouTube channel discussing the road to recovery for Nets point guard Shaun Livingston, who back in February of 2007 suffered what was expected to be a career-ending injury.

In fact, Clippers' broadcaster Ralph Lawler, who's called over 2,500 NBA games, called it "the most horrific thing" he's ever seen in a basketball court. Clippers team physician, Dr. Steven Shimoyama, said that Livingston's knee was "deformed, almost like a pretzel." There was talk about amputating his leg.

Today, Livingston is a candidate to be one of the Most Improved Players in the NBA, a starter on the playoff-bound Nets and one of, if not the top priority for GM Billy King this summer when he becomes a free agent.

I've said this plenty of times on this site and will say it again, Livingston is one of the nicest players I've ever had the chance to cover and is so very easy to root for. His journey back from a near career-ending injury to being one of the more important pieces on the Nets title run is both humbling and refreshing.