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Daily News: Andray Blatche to Terrence Ross, 'Sh*t, you better be careful what tree you bark up'

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Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

We're less than a month away from the start of the playoffs, and the Nets and Raptors are locked up in a battle for the top spot in the Atlantic Division. So, naturally both teams are engaged and focused on not only winning the Division but possibly matching up in the playoffs with the hopes of advancing.

Stefan Bondy of the Daily News caught up with an often honest Andray Blatche to ask him about his thoughts on Raptors wing Terrence Ross saying that he would rather his team matchup against the Nets in the first round and, as you would imagine, Blatche did not hold back in responding to Ross.

And when he heard about Toronto’s Terrence Ross saying last week that he’d prefer Brooklyn, Blatche said the 23-year-old Ross was fooling himself.

"S---, you better be careful what tree you bark up. He better be careful," Blatche told the Daily News. "He’s probably just saying that because he had a good game against us. But I don’t think that’s really what he meant or what he really, really wants."

Ross also took a shot at the Nets' pick-and-roll defense and Kevin Garnett, who Ross says "sets illegal screens and never gets caught."

Blatche told Bondy that he doesn't care who the Nets play in the first round, and that he thinks Brooklyn is playing the "best basketball in the Eastern Conference right now," which is in line with what Paul Pierce and others have said.

The Nets enter Wednesday night 1.5 games behind the Raptors for first place in the Atlantic and 4th in the Eastern Conference.