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Morey: Nets - Blazers trade best move in last 10 years

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Bob Levey

Daryl Morey took Twitter questions Tuesday night from fans while traveling and was asked "what is best move made by a GM in the past 10 years?"  The Rockets GM left no doubt ... It was Neil Olshey's trade deadline deal with the Nets in 2012...

If you need a reminder (or you want to forget) the deal went down like this on March 15, 2012:

The Nets traded their 2012 first round pick, top three protected, Mehmet Okur and Shawne Williams, both out for the season, for Gerald Wallace and a trade exception.  The pick became Damian Lillard, the 2013 rookie of the year, the Nets signed Wallace to a four-year $40 million deal in the off-season and used the TE to work a trade for Reggie Evans.

The move came just hours after Dwight Howard decided to stay in Orlando, ending the second iteration of the Dwightmare.  The whole episode led some outside and inside the organization to call the trade "a panic move."

The tweet would seem a slam at Billy King, although Morey has admitted privately that his trade of a first round pick for Terrence Williams in December 2010 was his worst trade. In that deal, The Nets agreed to trade T-Will to the Rockets in a three-way deal that brought Sasha Vujacic and two first round picks to New Jersey.  One of those picks became MarShon Brooks and the other critical piece in the Joe Johnson trade.