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Billy King: Livingston top priority but we want Pierce back, too

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Billy King spoke Tuesday to Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno, and just as he did with the media last week, said Shaun Livingston is his top priority but wants Paul Pierce back as well.

"Paul is somebody that we have an advantage on because we do have his Bird Rights," King said.  Because they have Pierce's Bird Rights, the Nets can offer Pierce any amount without considering cap space. Word is that Pierce, who's been playing well --and showing leadership, wants back.  How much money and how many years will be critical.

King also hinted that the Nets need to look at alternatives to keep Brook Lopez and Deron Williams for the whole season.  For Lopez, it's weight, King implied.  He was less specific about D-Will, but it may be that the Nets will want their point guard to go under the knife to cure his ankle woes.

Lopez "maybe got too heavy," said King. Lopez tipped the scales at 290 pounds in camp. King did not say if he had discussed Lopez's weight with the orthopedists who examined, then performed surgery on the center's right ankle.

He was more circuitous about what D-Will needed to do, but said "maybe we have to look at a different approach in the offseason so this doesn't happen next year."  That would suggest something more radical than rest.

As for Kevin Garnett, King reiterated what Jason Kidd has said: there's no timetable, but "He’s making good progress, I’ll say that."