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UPDATED: Woj: Mark Jackson 'tried to get involved' with Nets head coaching gig over 'past several years'

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATED: The original piece noted that Jackson pursued the Nets and Clippers coaching gigs over the "past several months." The story has now been updated to read "past several years." So, it would seem as if there's nothing to see here.



In what seemed to be a throwaway line in a story by Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, apparently Golden State Warriors' head coach Mark Jackson has "tried and failed to get involved with several head coaching openings over the past several months," including the Brooklyn Nets, according to his report.

Woj doesn't go into specifics beyond that, and also names the Los Angeles Clippers as another team Jackson tried to "get involved" with, but it's an interesting bit of information.

I'm not quite sure what "past several months" means, but we could assume that it means this past summer prior to Jason Kidd being hired by the Nets, if only because Mark Jackson has been a big supporter of Kidd's, even through his early season struggles. Also, you know, he's under contract with the Golden State Warriors, so, again, I assume Woj is talking about earlier in the summer. Although, "past several months" seems like a curious choice of words.

Jackson still has another year beyond this one of guaranteed money left on his contract. Kidd, who has coached the Nets to a 26-11 record since the start of 2014, has guaranteed money coming his way over the next two seasons and a team option in the fourth year of his contract. Nets management has never wavered on their support for Kidd, especially now that he has them playing as one of the hottest teams in the NBA.

In a strange parallel between the two, Jackson recently reassigned assistant coach and former Nets forward Brian Scalabrine in a similar manner to which Kidd reassigned assistant coach Lawrence Frank earlier in the season.