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It's "Micro Marco" for the Nets

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It's been 13 games since the Nets traded for Marcus Thornton (and he recovered from a lobster mac 'n cheese surprise).  For Billy King, who's the master of small trades, it was another coup.  He gave up Reggie Evans who wasn't playing and Jason Terry who shouldn't have. No picks, no draft rights, no cash, nothing else went west to Sacramento.

As Jeff Caplan of reports, "Thornton, who has been a serious upgrade from the man he replaced, aging sixth man Jason Terry, is averaging 12.5 ppg with Brooklyn while shooting 46.3 percent overall and 40.6 percent from beyond the arc."

Caplan reports that Thornton's teammates have been calling him "Microwave," after Piston great Vinnie Johnson ... or as in, he can heat it up fast.  Sunday night, Joe Johnson got a lot of the praise, but it was Marco Micro who kept hitting big shots in the second half, finishing with 20. It was the fourth time he had 20 or more off the bench and the fifth time he had four or more three pointers.  He has yet to play 30 minutes in any game.

"When you get in the postseason there’s going to be some nights the first five may not have it. You need a guy that can come in and get hot, and get hot quick," Johnson said, carrying the microwave analogy a bit further.

Monday, he is back home in Louisiana, where he played high school and college ball. But he's looking forward, too. He's never played in the post-season.