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Are the Nets giving the BrooklynKnight a makeover? No, says an insider

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Zach Lowe of Grantland has heard a rumor. A rumor that possibly, maybe the Nets are considering giving their mascot the BrooklynKnight a makeover.

From The Brooklyn Game:

Lowe says he's heard (but not quite confirmed) that the Nets have considered a re-design for their universally panned mascot, and have reached out to late night television host Jimmy Fallon for his input (along with Marvel Comics) on a new look.

Well, that sounds pretty intriguing, but a Nets insider dismissed the rumor.

"Someone is spreading nasty rumors," said the insider. "He is here to stay!!!"

So, there's no confirmation that anything regarding a makeover or re-design is pending, even possible. But, as far as rumors go, this one is pretty funny/cool.