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And in the end the Nets and Jason Kidd found what they were looking for: A System

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It took quite a while, plenty of soul searching and enough grief among fans to get half of the NetsDaily's community banned from the site, but the Nets have finally found their rhythm and are heading into the playoffs as one of those "sneaky" teams that might just end up competing for a NBA Championship this season. And it's not because of any particular move made at the trade deadline or a signing of a high profile executive. It's all because head coach Jason Kidd found his sweet spot and put in place a system that would let his players excel, leading his team to a 26-10 record since the start of the New Year.

Nets' GM Billy King acknowledged the job that Kidd has done in turning around this team, noting in a press conference on Friday night the development of the system and how Kidd has been able to put one in place that has led this team to making their 2014 surge.

As Stefan Bondy of the Daily News writes:

"The biggest thing (to the turnaround) I think is with Jason. Now we have a system of how we’re going to play, an identity," he said. "So now, in putting a team together, I know which players to add to it. That’s something we’ve been searching for a while, is getting an identity. So now, going into the offseason, Jason and I are already talking about the type of players he wants and I have a good feel for it. But that’s the key. We have a system, and I think a lot of the credit is players playing well, but Jason has been amazing."

Harvey Araton of the New York Times writes that Kidd never panicked in finding his stride, even after the team started the season 10-22. There were never any sleepless nights and Kidd never thought to himself, "maybe I should have kept playing," writes Araton.

It took some time, but the Nets have finally found their stride, and it's in big part all thanks to the growth of Jason Kidd. Whether it's called "small ball" or "long ball" or something else, the Nets are now playing as if they know their place on the team and where to be on the court. It seems like a simple concept, but as Kidd learned, it certainly takes time, and patience, to find one's sweet spot.