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Billy King: Re-signing Shaun Livingston is 'priority number one'; Brook Lopez has procedure to clean out left ankle

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BROOKLYN - Nets GM Billy King met with the media prior to Brooklyn's game on Friday night against the Boston Celtics to give an update on Brook Lopez and speak about other topics related to the team. Among the biggest takeaways was that Brook Lopez had an additional procedure on his left ankle on March 3 to "clean out a partial tear on his tendon," which includes tightening the lateral ankle ligaments.

King said that in a week and a half he will be out of his boot and that his timetable still remains for sometime in June. The injury is related to the ankle sprains he had earlier in the season -- first on November 15 against the Suns and later on December 12 against the Clippers; he missed nine games -- which he was expecting to "tough out" and play through, but since he already had his procedure on the right foot, January 2nd, they decided to clean out his left ankle.

Lopez hasn't been doing any rehab, though King did see him "the other day," reporting that Lopez "hasn't shaved." He said that his teammates have been helping to keep his spirits high.

King then went to compare Lopez's situation to that of Zydrunas Ilguaskas, who recently had his jersey retired in Cleveland, noting that many thought he wouldn't have a lasting career, but, as noted he's now had his jersey retired with the Cavaliers.

Another takeaway from the discussion is that King said the are making re-signing Shaun Livingston their top priority this summer. When asked why, he said it was because "he's been pretty successful for us, helped us win games."

King then said that "the market will set itself and then he has to go and make a decision on what's best for him. Do you take a million more to go play and lose," he asked. That's likely going to be the decision Livingston is going to have to make this summer -- the money or the system?