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Marcus Thornton - Streak master

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Marcus Thornton did it again Saturday night in Washington: proved that there may not be a more streaky shooter in the NBA. After scoring 10 points in his last two games, both wins, the 6'4" shooting guard went for 19 points in 22 minutes, hitting 5-of-6 three's.

In classic Thornton style, he scored 10 of the Nets' 12 points in a five-minute stretch to start the fourth quarter, as Walker Harrison reports. It wasn't the first time.  He has scored 15 straight vs. his old team, the Kings, on his way to a 27 point outburst on March 9.  Four days before that, he had 13 straight points vs. the Grizzlies. In between, he scored three vs. the Bulls.

It's not something that started with his trade (for Reggie Evans and Jason Terry) to the Nets. On January 24, while still with the Kings, he scored a career-high 42 points vs. the Pacers. In the two previous games, he had four and six points.

As Harrison notes, "In ten games since arriving via trade on February 19, he has scored ten points or less six times, and 19 points or more on four occasions. Never has he finished between those two figures as a Net." The Nets are 3-1 when he scores 19 or more, 4-2 when he doesn't.

Still, he's averaging 12 points a game off the bench in that stretch and the Nets are 7-3 ... and Jason Terry, the player he was traded for is at home rehabbing his knee.