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Mason Plumlee looking for new challenge: Slam Dunk competition

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA is looking for ways to re-vitalize the Slam Dunk contest at next year's All-Star Weekend, which takes place at Barclays Center.  Here's one idea: invite a seven-footer with a 36" vertical and hand him three basketballs.

Stefan Bondy, with some help from Mason Plumlee, that seven-footer, found some archival video of the high school version of Plumlee beating up on rims. The last 12 seconds of the video show the soon-to-be Dukie stuffing three balls on one leap, something not seen in the dunk contest since 2011 when Javale McGee did it..

"JaVale (McGee) did it in the dunk contest the same year (2011)," Plumlee said. "I told JaVale he stole it from me. I had the first video recording of the 3-ball dunk."  And indeed he does.

With the dunk contest in Brooklyn, it would seem a smart idea to give Plumlee a shot.  He wants it. "if they invite me, I’ll come up with something," he told Bondy.