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KG OUT; Kirilenko GTD; Collins will be signed for the rest of the season

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Al Bello

Jason Kidd released a lot of information in regards to the Nets roster. First, he confirmed David Aldridge's report that Jason Collins would be signed for the remainder of the season.

Collins has played less than 10 minutes per game over the past couple of weeks and could help the Nets in terms of depth.

Andrei Kirilenko remains a game-time decision for tomorrow's game against the Wizards with a sprained ankle. He said he needs to warmup tomorrow and see how it feels.

What was reported in the week was confirmed by Jason Kidd; Kevin Garnett will sit tomorrow's game. Kidd didn't rule out KG for Monday's game, though.

This will be Garnett's eighth straight game missed due to his back injury. The Nets have been 6-1 during this stretch of games.

Meanwhile, with all the hoopla about Phil Jackson joining the Knicks, Paul Pierce declined comment, in a very firm way.

And in other Collins brothers' news, Frank Isola reports that Jarron, Jason's brother, will join a local college program as a coach.