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ACC Tournament coming to the Barclays Center

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Bruce Bennett

Pete Thamel of Sport's Illustrated reports that the ACC is finalizing an agreement with the Barclays Center that will have the stadium host the ACC conference basketball tournaments for multiple years. Multiple sources told Thamel that the agreement should be finalized by the end of this month. The tournament could be played in Brooklyn as soon as 2017, Thamel reports.

With several former Big East teams joining the ACC last year, it seemed "inevitable' that the ACC would come to New York. With the Big East playing at Madison Square Garden through 2026, the Barclays Center was the next option. The Barclays Center is currently the host to the Atlantic 10 tournament and the A-10 is expected to speak about how to work with the ACC so both can play in Brooklyn.

An ACC official said that the conference wasn't looking to just play at the MSG and that the Barclays Center is a great location. "People are enthralled with the Barclays Center. If the Gaden is locked up, so be it. I don't think it's a warm up act. It's a hell of a facility," the official said.

"The ACC's move to Barclays sets the stage for some fascinating college basketball theatre in New York, potentially drawing the college basketball spotlight from Madison Square Garden," Thamel wrote.

Thamel also writes how two major cable providers, Fox and ESPN will have to duke it out for New York as well as the "historic Madison Square Garden and the new-aged Barclays Center."