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Brett Yormark: Brooklyn Nets have "opportunity" to turn Knick fans into Nets fans

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Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE

Brett Yormark, who always tried to keep the peace between the Nets and Knicks, took a page from his boss' playbook Thursday when he told Mitch Abramson of the Daily News that Mikhail Prokhorov's dream of turning Knicks fans into the Nets fans could come true ... thanks to the Nets play of late.

Do I think there's a window of opportunity to convert fans right now because we're playing well and basketball fans like the way we're playing? Yeah. I think there's a window of opportunity to convert fans and become the team in New York and that's certainly our goal. I mean, we don't concede anything to anyone here. So yeah, I think the opportunity exists.

Yormark's comments were a bit out of character for the Nets CEO. In the past, he's spoken about the value of having both teams play well, which he touched on -- but didn't dwell on -- in his interview with Abramson. This time it was all about not conceding anything to the Knicks.

Yormark declined to talk about the Knicks' likely signing of Phil Jackson as president of basketball operations.

The Nets and Knicks are both enjoying success in March, with the Nets winning seven of their last eight and the Knicks winning five straight. The Nets have beaten the likes of the Bulls, Grizzlies, Raptors and Heat, all top clubs while the five teams the Knicks have taken down were a combined 90 games under .500 when New York played them.