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Nets to sign Jason Collins for the remainder of the season

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets have to make a decision Thursday whether to sign Jason Collins for the rest of the season or to let him go, per league rules. It seems that Brooklyn has made up their mind to keep the 35-year-old.

Collins' second 10-day contract expires on Thursday and he seems deserving of a contract for the rest of the season. Collins, of course, is the first openly gay player to play in the league, but his play supports his contract extension at the vets minimum, which will add about $330,000 to the Nets salary cap.

Collins has been playing just 10 minutes per game in nine games with Brooklyn, but he has done what he was brought to do: set hard screens, and be a pain for opposing big men. With Kevin Garnett injured, Collins has been fine insurance at the end of the Nets bench. He has also filled in nicely for when Mason Plumlee gets plagued with foul trouble.

League sources told of the expectation of Collins when he was signed and how he has succeeded.

Sources say that the internal expectation all along was that Collins would be a Net for the rest of the season, from the moment he signed his first 10-day deal, as long he proved that could still be an effective defender, which he did immediately.