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Kevin Garnett will not travel to Miami; Andrei Kirilenko is questionable

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Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Garnett will not travel to Miami with the Nets due to his back spams. He will miss his seventh consecutive game because of the ailment. Andrei Kirilenko will travel with the team, but his status is unknown for the game.

Kirilenko injured his ankle in the first quarter Sunday against the Kings, but played through before checking out for the remainder of the game in the third. The Nets are 10-20 when Kirilenko sits.

Garnett was expected to play right up until several minutes before tip-off Monday, but was ruled out after his back stiffened during warm-ups. Garnett was seen walking gingerly to his car during halftime of the game. The Nets are 5-1 during Garnett's absence.