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Paul Pierce: "Crowd was unbelievable"

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The Nets FINALLY have a home-court advantage!

After wandering the highways and byways of New Jersey for decades and not getting big crowds or continuing support, the Nets are now big in Brooklyn.  With the Brooklyn Brigade and other hyperactive fans manning key locations around the Barclays Center, the noise level is reaching deafening decibels ... and team is increasingly feeding off crowd enthusiasm.

"Our crowd was unbelievable," Paul Pierce told writers after the game.

"It was probably the best I've heard them all year long. It was a playoff atmosphere. They were into it, from start to finish. And I really feed off of those type of crowds. It brings energy, it brings momentum to our ball club and we love it."

And it shows in the record. The Nets started slowly in Brooklyn this season. They were 5-9 at home early. Just as they have improved overall, they've done dramatically better at home, where they have now won 15 of their last 17, including eight straight, their longest home winning streak at Flatbush and Atlantic.

"It's protecting home court and really trying to build momentum going into the playoffs," Shaun Livingston said.

"We really want it to be a hard place to play, coming into Brooklyn, we want that in the back of teams' minds: that they've got to come to play tonight."

Or as Joe Johnson put it the other day, teams entering Barclays "know they're leaving with an 'L.':

crowd was unbelievable