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Bogdanovic moving down in Fener rotation

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Facebook/Bojan Bogdanovic

It's starting to sound all too familiar: Bojan Bogdanovic, who was Fenerbahce's go-to guy for most of the season, once again played a lesser role in the Istanbul club's offense Sunday, scoring only nine points on eight shots in 31 minutes. He made four of the eight.  He was Fener's third highest scorer in its 69-63 win over Turk Telecom.

In fact, he hasn't been his team's leading scorer in two weeks, as Fener's coach is relying more and more on his bigs, Luka Zoric and Linas Kleiza and having Bogdanovic fill a supplementary role. Part of that is a strategy shift but part is also Bogdanovic's weeks long slump.

As noted before, Fener seems likely to make post-season noise in the Turkish league. Getting into the Euroleague playoffs will be tough.  In Turkey, the team has already lost the Turkish Cup but has now moved into second in the regular season standings.  There's still no definitive word on what he plans to do come next season.