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Kevin Garnett out tonight due to back spasms

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Garnett, after playing a back-to-back on Wednesday and Thursday, will sit out of the Nets' last game on their "circus" road trip due to back spasms.

Kidd later said that KG is sitting for precautionary reasons.

This is not a typical rest game for Garnett, who gets those quite often, but an injury. It is unclear if this ailment will keep him out past tonight at the moment, but if these are anything like the back spasms that Andrei Kirilenko suffered earlier in the season, KG should take it easy. The Nets next play Monday against the Bulls, a game they need KG to be active for; this game off could help him feel more prepared for the game.

Mason Plumlee will start in Garnett's place in Milwaukee tonight.