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Brooklyn Nets Kids Dancers building a following

Brooklyn Nets

WABC in New York visited Barclays Center last week to speak with Tanisha Scott, the Nets choreographer, and the Nets Kids dancers, whose performances are fast becoming a highlight of timeouts.

Lisa Colagrossi reports on the 17 dancers, aged 7 to 13, were chosen from a audition of 500 boys and girls in the off-season. Scott, who's choreographed from Jay-Z and Beyonce' said one big difference between the pro's and the kids is their unending energy.

"They have no limits," said Scott. "If I tell them to jump up and do a slip, they're showing me hwo to do a jump up, do a slip and a turn at the same time."

For two of the Kids Dancers, the spotlight is nothing new. One appeared in videos with Justin Timberlake and the other with President Obama.