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Marketing Deron Williams


In a feature on women in sports representation, Sports Business Journal discusses how Jaymee Messler, who works at Jeff Schwartz's Excel Management, took Deron Williams from an undermarketed: athlete to someone who has a set of endorsement deals, starting off with an innovative social media and expanding into other areas..

Messler came up with the idea of creating a "digital magazine" for Williams, hiring his own staff writers to write about him, a concept that was written about by The Wall Street Journal.

"That is a great example of repositioning him to the marketplace," Schwartz said. "Reintroducing him to the market and going out and explaining to them why he makes sense for all these different companies to use, and Jaymee did that."

"When he came here, he had Nike, but he really wasn’t a highly marketed athlete," Schwartz said. "His profile did not fit his level of play on the court."

Williams now has partnerships with Red Bull, American Express and MetroPCS, and is on the cover of the "NBA Baller Beats" video game, SBD notes.  For whatever reason, D-Will isn't (yet?) on the level of Chris Paul, who works with mythical twin brother on State Farm's assist campaign.