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Brook Lopez on surgery: "It’s going to work”

Matt Riccardi, the Nets basketball operations manager, recently took Brook Lopez's teammates Mason Plumlee and Marquis Teague to the recuperating center's condo. Lopez told them and Fred Kerber he's optimistic his reconstructive surgery is going to work.

Mason Plumlee via Instagram

Fred Kerber spoke to Brook Lopez this week and in an exclusive interview says he is optimistic that the reconstructive surgery he underwent on his right foot was a good idea.

"It’s going to work," Lopez told Kerber. "I’m definitely thinking that way. Some people say, ‘If this doesn’t work …’ I won’t think that. I’m definitely thinking the other way."

Kerber spoke as well to two orthopedic surgeons, neither of which were part of the procedure on Lopez but both are familiar with the procedure in general.  They too are optimistic, up to a point.

"Put it this way, if this doesn’t work, there’s really no ‘Plan C,’ " said Dr. Andrew Brief, an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon in New Jersey. "That being said, the expectation is it will work. But there aren’t that many other options after this."

The process is not done. Lopez will meet soon with orthopedists on building custom sneakers and shoes. "They’re going to take new molds of my foot and then build my shoes."

Kerber also spoke with Bill Walton, who had his share of foot problems. ""I’ve known Brook since he was young. … He played all the time his first three seasons, so he’s proven that he can get it done."