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Is Bojan Bogdanovic Nets' big trade piece? Source says yes


Alex Raskin looks ahead to the trading deadline and sees the Nets most likely to offer up Bojan Bogdanovic in trade talks.

"I would say 20 out of 30 teams have interest in him," a league source told Raskin. Bogdanovic possesses a complete offensive game. Indeed while Bogdanovic has been in a bit of a slump, he's generally seen as among the top players, maybe top five players, on the continent. Among "Euro-Stash," Europeans already drafted by NBA clubs and "stashed" overseas, he's generally ranked second -- to Bulls' pick Nikola Mirotic, .

Raskin notes that the Nets and Bogdanovic couldn't make a deal work last summer when he had a $2 million buyout. According to most reports, the Nets offered him the full mini-MLE, about $3.2 million, but some have suggested the team was only willing to pay him $2.5 million to $2.7 million. The difference over three years is around $2 million.

This summer, he will be a free agent and doesn't have to worry about a buyout. But that doesn't mean he will come over. No doubt he will have bids from Fenerbahce, his current team, and other leading European clubs, one of whom is rumored to be F.C. Barcelona. FCB is the leading team in Spain and has deep pockets.

So do the Nets try to move him now when his value is highest? Raskin writes...

Despite Bogdanović's popularity, the Nets are not in any rush to deal him. The league source, who has knowledge of the team's thinking, says the Nets are waiting for the "right deal" to come along. They previously discussed a trade involving the rights to Bogdanović and Toronto Raptors point guard Kyle Lowry, but Lowry would only be a backup on the Nets, who already give significant playing time to point guards Deron Williams and Shaun Livingston.

What kind of player if not Lowry, who the Nets remain interested in?  "One who can make a significant postseason impact," writes Raskin, describing the Nets' current thinking.

Overnight, Bogdanovic scored 13 in Fenerbahce's Turkish Cup loss to Pinar, yet another frustrating loss for the highly paid team. He finished 4-of-8, including 1-of-3 from deep.

The Nets do have other assets, Raskin suggests, but they're more problematic for the front office. He specifically mentions the injured Brook Lopez and the high-flying Mason Plumlee who now leads the rookie class in player efficiency ratings and is supposedly the darling of a number of NBA scouts. Plumlee wants to stay.

"I love it," he told Raskin. "I hope I stay here. [Kevin Garnett] told me I should die here, so I don't want to experience another team. I'll just take his word for it."

Of course, Raskin concludes, the Nets may not do anything at the deadline. Lopez's value is severely diminished by his fourth surgical procedure on his right foot and Deron Williams ankle woes --and huge contract-- are unlikely to make him that attractive.  After all, Mikhail Prokhorov didn't get rich by buying high and selling low. He may just wait.