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Did Jason Kidd turn it around in a month? Gregg Popovich thinks so

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Gregg Popovich thinks Jason Kidd's transformation from Hall of Fame player to rookie coach became real after the clock struck midnight on New Years Day.

Popovich told writers that Kidd has made progress since the last time he saw him, after a Spurs blowout on New Year's Eve..

"It is difficult [to learn coaching on the fly], obviously all the pressures from every which way," Popovich said of Kidd. "Those people that stick with it, have some perseverance, some standards and are strong enough to stick with them in the right way, good things can happen. And that’s what happened for him."

Kidd has taken off since the turn over the year, with Nets 12-4, winning three games for every on loss and playing a much better brand of defense, in particular. In the process, he has become the face of the franchise, more so than any individual player. In that way, he is becoming what ownership wanted in a coach: a Brooklyn version of Gregg Popovich, a long term solution.

The Nets head coach talked about the team culture Pop has instituted in San Antonio, and how he's emulated it.

"He sits at the same table as [the team]," Kidd continued. "All 15 guys sit at the same table and are treated the same from Duncan to the 15th guy. They are all held accountable."

As Ohm Youngmisuk reports,the confidence Kidd has in his ability extends to his rotations, being willing to play the hot hand of Alan Anderson and sit those who make ten times what he does.