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Meet your non-injured Spurs for tonight's game against the Nets

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs will be without Tim Duncan (rest), Tony Parker (back), Manu Ginobili (hamstring), Boris Diaw (food poisoning) and Kawhi Leonard (hand) when they line up against the Brooklyn Nets tonight.

Just, take a second and look at that injury report again. Not sure there's ever been a better roster of injured players on a given night in the history of the NBA. Anyone?

So, who will the Spurs have available tonight against the Nets?



So...hopefully, the Nets will be able to get a win at home against the team with the third best record in the NBA. Hopefully.

For the Nets, Joe Johnson (knee), Andrei Kirilenko (calf) and Andray Blatche (hip) are all expected to play.