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Mirza Teletovic: "Big, big difference from last year" with Jason Kidd coaching

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Mirza Teletovic said all the right things on WFAN Tuesday when asked about how frustrating things were last year. For the most part, he sat on the bench as the Nets were struggling offensively.  He was frustrated, yes, but patient.  "I had to have a lot of patience," he said.

Then, when Evan Roberts and Joe Benigno asked about his relationship with Jason Kidd, he opened up.  He didn't have to attack Avery Johnson and P.J. Carlesimo. Instead, he praised his new coach.

"He talked to me like a player, like a friend," he said. "He  tells me when i get in, 'do your best.'  "It's a big, big difference from last year."

Roberts also asked about the Miami game last month when LeBron James when after him following a hard foul What did James say to him as Teletovic smiled and laughed in his direction.

"I wasnt listening to him," Teletovic said. "I dont know. It was just a foul."

Asked he thought James was trying to intimidate him, Teletovic, who lived through the Balkans War as child.

"I've played11 years professionally and been through a lot of stuff in my life. It would not be easy to intimidate me. It's takes a lot of stuff.  I was focused on the game and the team."

As for the comparisons between him and the Nets last sharpshooter from the former Yugoslavia, Teletovic declined to answer, merely saying, "Drazen was a legend in my country. My father always talked to me about him." Teletovic was 7 when Petrovic died in an auto accident.