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NetsDaily 10th Anniversary Contest

NetsDaily turns 10 on Thursday. That's pretty good for a sports blog, particularly one that chronicled a team through some very tough times. Reed Wallach has generously agreed to award two Nets fans two seats each as part of the celebration. Share your favorite moment on NetsDaily. Two of you will win two seats each to Thursday's game vs. the Spurs.

SB Nation

NetsDaily turns 10 on Thursday. How crazy is that? People have come here to celebrate the biggest moments in Nets history such as Mikhail Prokhorov buying the team, the trades for Deron Williams or Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, or the move to Brooklyn. Others have come to share their grief about major losses such as the Jason Kidd trade, or last year's playoff series vs. the Bulls.

No matter what, in good times and bad, NetsDaily has brought together a countless number of Nets fans who all share a love for this basketball team, crazy as it may seem. Once a small website in 2004 has now transformed into the biggest forum for Nets news online and a place for even the most casual Net fan to voice his or her opinion on a specific ...or general... topic related to their team.

I'm a new writer to NetsDaily, but I've received a bigger personal reaction from Nets' fans than I could have ever imagined. So, here is my gift to the great readers of the site, along with the other great writers of NetsDaily. I have season tickets to the team. four of them in section 28, row 6. It's my pleasure to award my tickets on February 6, this Thursday, for the Nets game against the Spurs, the official anniversary of NetsDaily.

Here is how the recipients of the tickets will be decided. Everyone has had their "moment" on NetsDaily. Share your favorite memory of the site over the past ten years (other that being reinstated after being banned, of course). I mentioned some great moments before, but add some substance to it. Tell us the emotion you had and what was going through your mind when that particular moment took place. There will be TWO winners to this contest that will each receive TWO tickets to the game. Again, TWO winners each getting TWO tickets to the game.

You have 24 hours --until 2 p.m. Tuesday-- to leave your comment below on your favorite memory before the commenting section is closed. After that, we will decide who left the most meaningful comment and they will be notified that they have won the contest.

Thanks, NetsDaily readers, we appreciate all of your thoughts, whether it be criticism or praise, and hope to have another great ten years.