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With Plumlee back in rotation, rookie ranking rises

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After three straight DNP-CD's, Mason Plumlee played 36 minutes the last two games, filling in for Andray Blatche (hip) and supplementing Kevin Garnett who was playing in a back-to-back.  The results were mixed: Plumlee scored 19 points --on 7-of-10 shooting overall, 5-of-7 from the line--  with five blocks and five steals as well . But he grabbed only two rebounds in two games and picked up six fouls.

Plumlee, who a lot of opposing GM's like, is still in a couple of top 10's despite sitting in recent weeks. David Thorpe still has him at No. 10 in his top 50, ahead of more than a dozen players taken above him.  And in Rookie PER, he's still ranked third in one ranking, second in another. He's also first in shooting percentage (all those alley-oops help); second in blocks and one of only eight rooks with a double-double.  He's tied for first in dunks with Giannis Antetokounmpo at 44.  And last week, he was one of nine rookies invited to the Rising Stars Challenge.

If Blatche misses another game vs. Philly --no word yet on his status, Plumlee is likely to see a lot of minutes vs. Spencer Hawes. He played well in the Nets blowout of Philly, grabbing eight boards and scoring five points in 22 minutes.