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Brett Yormark: Nets planning "global," "weeklong" Brooklyn "celebration" for 2015 All-Star Game

Jason Szenes

In the shared All-Star Weekend of 2015, the Knicks will have the game at Madison Square Garden while the Nets will have All-Star Friday and Saturday night at Barclays Center, but in an interview with Sports Business Journal, Brett Yormark is thinking bigger. The Brooklyn side of the festivities should be global and go on for the week.

"Obviously it’s early," Yormark said, "but one of the things we want to do is bring a global audience to Brooklyn. Our goal will be to make Brooklyn a destination all week long, leading up the [All-Star Game] on Sunday. Obviously, we have Friday and Saturday night, so the question is, What can we do with the league to make it a weeklong celebration in Brooklyn for fans?

"Adam (SIlver, NBA Commissioner) is taking a look at everything across the league," said Yormark. "He wants to bring a fresh perspective, and certainly we would like to be part of something that has a freshness to it and is worthy of New York. These are all things we’ll be discussing with the league shortly."

There's no word of what the Nets will be offering up, but the league apparently would like to host events around the city, in all five boroughs, in particular since they couldn't find a venue big enough --and available-- for NBA Jam events.