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Woj: Nets, Clippers still fighting for soul of Big Baby


The Nets and Clippers are apparently still fighting over the soul --and ample body-- of Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Adrian Wojnarowski reports.  The Nets hope to sign a 14th man by end of the weekend, league sources tell NetsDaily.

Woj's tweet would seem to indicate others soliciting his services are out of it. Various reports suggested that both the Bulls and Warriors, who the Nets play Saturday night, are interested in him.

One of the Nets big weapons in the battle is Kevin Garnett, who Paul Pierce said is pushing "Big Baby" to join his ex-Boston teammates in Brooklyn.

KG himself was keeping the details of his discussions with Davis private. However, when Lenn Robbins, the Nets in-house beat writer, asked if KG had sent Davis flowers, the discussion ended.

When told Doc Rivers is also recruiting the 6'9" forward, KG cracked...

Steve Kyler of Basketball Insiders tweets KG's personal call had an effect on Davis, although on exiting Orlando he reportedly told teammates he was headed to L.A.

Marc Stein says that even though Davis won't officially be a free agent until Monday, he's expected to give a verbal commitment before then.

One reason the Nets would like to get it done soon is that no matter who is signed --Davis, Jason Collins or someone else-- the Nets have two days off Monday and Tuesday before playing Portland on Wednesday.  That would give the new player some time to get integrated into the Nets offensive and defensive systems.  No doubt, that's also appealing to the players being considered. The Nets will fly out of Oakland late Saturday for Sunday's evening game vs. the Lakers, rest on Monday, then fly Tuesday to Portland.