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Woj: Kevin Garnett to recruit Glen Davis to Brooklyn


Glen Davis has officially been bought out by the Orlando Magic, which makes him an unrestricted free agent. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reported yesterday that the Clippers are expected to pursue Davis hard, but the Nets are also interested. Davis has ties to both clubs: he played for Clippers coach Doc Rivers and is former teammates of Nets' players Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. All three of the aforementioned men won the 2008 championship with Davis in Boston.

Clearly, Garnett and Davis have kept in touch because Woj reports that KG is expected to recruit "Big Baby" hard to play for Brooklyn.

The Nets could use another big man to fill out the rotation and Davis can be that man. Davis is 6'9" and spreads the floor well. He can compliment Garnett on the floor while still being considered a "small" team. Davis, though, doesn't present a rebound presence that the Nets seem to lack. Davis is averaging six rebounds per game this season in 45 games this season for the Orlando Magic.

But the Nets are not alone.  David Aldridge reports the Bulls like Davis, noting Tom Thibodeau was on the Celtic coaching staff when Davis won a ring in 2008.

And Sam Amick says the Warriors have put in a bid as well.

Rivers, writes Broderick Turner in the L.A. Times, is expected to use a number of pitches to woo Davis, including the disparity between the Clippers record (37-20) and the Nets (25-27).