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Jason Kidd: On Garnett's role, 'going at' Deron Williams, the trade deadline and Jason Collins

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd was on WFAN this morning with Joe and Evan, and talked about the trade deadline move the Nets made in getting Marcus Thornton, the possibility of adding another big man and the look of this team going forward.

On Marcus Thornton, Jason Kidd said that he is "very happy" with the job that Billy King did in getting Thornton at the trade deadline. He also noted that the team is going to miss the leadership, but he is pleased with the team being able to get Thornton at the deadline.

They also discussed the possibility of the team adding Jason Collins to a 10-day contract. Kidd said, "I think he's a possibility for a big....but we also have to look at other candidates, too." And on whether he'd help the team, "It definitely can help. As you can see, everyone on the team plays, and there's nights when KG (Kevin Garnett) doesn't play...whoever joins our family will have an opportunity to play."

Joe asked Kidd about Collins and his coming out as an openly gay male, would there be a worry about adding him to the team because of his sexuality? "It's not a worry," Kidd said, "it's about basketball."

When asked about Garnett's role in the second half and the playoffs, Kidd said, "Nope, there won't be any increase in minutes or workload." So, Garnett is expected to stay around 20-25 minutes over the second half and even in the playoffs, according to Kidd.

On Deron Williams in the second half, Kidd said "I think his energy has been great....for Deron, he's getting better each time he takes the floor." He also said that he never "went at" Deron Williams in practice or anyone at team. "There's never been any clash with me going at Deron or anyone else." He went on to say the report was false and that "this is the nature of the business."

Joe asked Kidd about the team's struggles on the road on back-to-backs, and he said, "We have two back-to-backs on this trip, hopefully we can improve on that record," but in typical Jason Kidd fashion, he goes on to say that the team has to worry about the Golden State Warriors first and not think a game ahead.

And on whether or not he'd want to play again, "I've enjoyed playing 19 years, but when it's time to walk away and focus on my new craft I haven't thought about playing," he said. "I don't know everything about coaching, but I'm still learning and trying to be the best coach I can be."