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Barclays Center installs sound-deadening baffles; plans roof alteration

Tom Kaminski, NewsChopper88

Norman Oder, critic and chronicler of the Atlantic Yards project, reports that Barclays Center has already installed $500,000 worth of acoustic baffles in the arena ceiling and is planning other "architectural and environmental" enhancement to the arena roof.

Neighbors living near the arena have complained about sound emanating from the arena during concerns, particularly those bass-heavy.  Barclays Center has been assessed a $3,200 fine for violations of the city noise regulations.

The baffles, reports Oder on his Atlantic Yards Report, were installed last summer, but he contends they have not had a significant effect.  Neighbors continue to complain.  On the rooftop enhancements, Oder says he has been unable to determine what they entail, but suggests they could be noise-related and/or some greenery on the rooftop to enhance the views of those living in the three apartment towers planned around the eastern end of Barclays Center. Construction of the first of the towers is underway.

He does report the enhancements will be paid for, at least in part, by Bruce Ratner's new Chinese partners, the Greenland Group.  Greenland will not have ownership in the arena or the first tower, but in all subsequent construction at the 22-acre site.