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Nets get Marcus Thornton, don't get Jordan Hill: Time to grade the trade!

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Trade Deadline has come and gone, and, well, it was surely a quiet one for the most part. In fact, the biggest deal may have come as the Brooklyn Nets traded Jason Terry and Reggie Evans to the Sacramento Kings for Marcus Thornton.

Yup, that was possibly the biggest deal at the deadline, depending on who you ask.

What didn't happen, however, was a trade between the Nets and Los Angeles Lakers that would send Jordan Hill to Brooklyn for what would have amounted to a salary dump, where the Nets were reported to have used their Disabled Player Exception. The Lakers, though, late in the game wanted a second round draft pick and the Nets weren't willing to offer up a pick for Hill.

Here's the bottom line for the Nets..

  • Traded two contracts few thought could be moved, those of Terry and Evans, 36 and 33 years old. Both had a year beyond this one to run;
  • Acquired a healthy 26-year-old wing with a reputation for hot shooting streaks whose recent troubles they think can be cured by a change of address;
  • Retained the rights to Bojan Bogdanovic, who they can either sign in the summer or dangle as a trade asset;
  • Opened two roster spots which they can fill with 10-day deals, vets minimum deals or if the need to, contracts.
  • Let the NBA know that Mikhail Prokhorov is still willing to spend, adding nearly $3 million in salary and luxury taxes in the Thornton deal and approving an attempt to acquire Hill, which would have had added $17 million to his tax bill (and didn't have to spend it!)
  • Retained until March 10 their DPE. So, there is some room for the Nets to make a deal of sorts. We'll just have to wait and see.
  • What's next? Don't be surprised if the Nets start scouring the waiver wire for players who've been dropped as part of the deadline fallout. Another possibility: the Nets could bring up some of the Armor prospects for look-sees, including Darius Johnson-Odom, Adonis Thomas and Devin Ebanks.

    ...Or they could surprise us.

    For now, vote in our poll below and let us know how you think the Nets did at the trade deadline, and make sure to consider the circumstances.