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Shelburne: Nets, Pelicans in lead for Jordan Hill; may cost team a second-rounder

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Ramona Shelburne, who covers the Lakers for ESPN LA, reported overnight that the Nets and Pelicans are in the lead for the services of Jordan Hill, who L.A. is trying to dump to get under the luxury tax threshold. New Orleans presumably wants Hill to back up Anthony Davis.

The Nets, of course, would use the Disable Player Exception --and take on $17 million in salary and luxury tax in the process, while the Pelicans are sufficiently under the cap. The question is what are the two teams offering. Shelburne says the Lakers want more than cap relief.

Marc Stein of added that the Lakers seem to think they can acquire a second-round pick for Hill.

The Pelicans of course have a lot of young assets, but the Lakers don't want to take on much in salary because, say reports, they want to dump Hill and Chris Kaman before the deadline to get below the threshold. That way, they won't have to dump Pau Gasol, who they reportedly may want to re-sign.

The Cavaliers were another team inquiring about Hill, but they traded for Spencer Hawes Thursday morning, making it less likely that they would trade for Hill.

What that likely means is that Thursday may be one long poker game with the Nets, Pelicans and Lakers all trying to get the best hand by 3 p.m.

Meanwhile, Hill told Shelburne's colleague, Dave McMenamin, that he's ready.

There were reports Wednesday that Hill, remembering some bad experiences in New York while a Knick, was unwilling to re-sign with Brooklyn at the end of his contract come July.

As for alternatives, Peter Vecsey tweeted last night that if the deal for Hill falls apart, the Nets will look for "another young big." He didn't elaborate.