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Bruce Ratner says he wouldn't change anything about Barclays Center

Bruce Bennett

Good week for Bruce Ratner ... he basked in the praise of a former president who sat next to him courtside Friday.

Clinton himself tweeted out his reaction...

...and revealed himself to be a fan of the Nets.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV before Friday's game, Ratner said he wouldn't change a thing about the Nets' home.

"Last week, we wound up painting some of the metal black instead of it being shiny. It cost $70,000. That's the only thing I could think of, almost. Actually, there's really almost nothing. I can't think of anything really," Ratner told Cory Johnson of Bloomberg who asked if he had any regrets.

"It's just in this case, I couldnt be happier. Its been way .. It's been No. 1 in sales, No. 1 in revenue and tickets in this country in its first year, No. 2 in the world, so honestly, I'm so happy, I almost pinch myself."

Ratner also spoke again about the research he and his team did while waiting for final approvals.

"We probably saw 15 to 20 arenas in this country. We did everything, checked sightlines, size, everything, every aspect, whether it be terrazzo or concrete, seats. We had enough time. But yes, we did a huge research job before we built it."