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Aldridge: Nets 'finalize' deal for Marcus Thornton, send Jason Terry and Reggie Evans to Kings

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According to David Aldridge, the Nets and Kings have a deal in place that will send Jason Terry and Reggie Evans to the Kings in exchange for Marcus Thornton. This after hearing from multiple outlets that a deal was close.

Thornton is averaging just 8.3 points and a career-low 38.1 percent shooting from the floor, but over his career he's been better, averaging 13.5 points, and during the 2010-11 season averaged 21.3 points in 27 games as a member of the Sacramento Kings.

Earlier, there were multiple reports are starting to come out regarding an imminent trade between the Sacramento Kings and the Brooklyn Nets that would send Marcus Thornton to Brooklyn in exchange for Jason Terry and Reggie Evans.

We've reported on this deal several times over the past 24 hours as details started to trickle in, but now, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Ken Berger of CBS Sports and Howard Beck of Bleacher Report, the deal is nearing its final stages.

Now, the Nets have Thornton, a scorer off the bench, and were able to get younger without giving up any real assets