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Woj: Marcus Thornton talks at "serious stage"

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest twist in trade chatter, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports Tuesday night that the Nets talks with the Kings have reached the "serious stage."

In an article on Isaiah Thomas' strained wrist ligaments Woj wrote, "As the NBA trade deadline approaches on Thursday, the Kings are in a state of upheaval. Sacramento's talks with Brooklyn on a deal to acquire guard Jason Terry and forward Reggie Evans for Kings guard Marcus Thornton have progressed to a serious stage, league sources told Yahoo Sports."

Jared Zwerling of Bleacher Report confirmed Woj's information just before midnight Wednesday.

And Sam Amick of USA Today added this Wednesday morning...

Earlier Tuesday, Woj was first to report the Nets are interested in  Thornton. He tweeted that the parameters of the deal involved Thornton for Terry and Evans. That has not changed, although the length of the talks might indicate other pieces are involved.

Then later in the afternoon, Woj noted that talks have been ongoing, and were expected to continue.

Talks on the deal have gathered momentum in recent days, sources told Yahoo Sports, and are expected to continue until Thursday's trade deadline.

He also noted that the length of Jarrett Jack's contract makes a proposed Jack-for-Terry deal  with the Cavaliers unlikely.

Brooklyn has discussed a deal involving Terry for Cleveland's Jarrett Jack, too, but sources tell Yahoo Sports that is an unlikely scenario based on the length of Jack's contract, which guarantees a total of $12.6 million in the final two years of his deal through the 2015-16 season

Woj noted that by the Nets going after Thornton, they are not out of the Jordan Hill sweepstakes.

Thornton has $8 million coming his way this season then is fully guaranteed $8.5 million next season. After that, Thornton comes off the books. Thornton is 26 years old and for his career has averaged 13 points per game on 43% shooting from the floor, a shade under 36% from beyond the arc, but only one assist per game. Thornton has averaged 21 points per game in his half-year stint with the Kings in 2011, he also played 38 minutes per game.

This year, he's having the worst year of his career, putting up only 8.3 points and shooting barely above 30 percent from deep.  Thornton has the reputation as a gunner and isn't a strong defender.  Terry and Evans make a combined $7.4 million this year.  A straight-up deal would thus save the Nets more than $3 million in luxury tax and open up another roster spot.  The Nets have had interest in Thornton at various points in his six-year career.

One thing is for sure, the Nets, who were thought to be conservative at this year's deadline, are quite aggressive and looking to improve right now.

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