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Woj: Nets have discussed deal for Jordan Hill

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

An hour after the Nets first true trade rumor broke -- a Jarrett Jack for Jason Terry trade-- Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reports the Nets have discussed a deal for Jordan Hill that would have the Nets use part of their Disabled Player Exception.  The Lakers apparently initiated the talks, Woj later reported.

Woj provided some details on how things would work and how much it would cost...

Ohm Youngmisuk, who broke the Jack-for-Terry rumor, confirmed the Hill rumor ...

Appearing later on ESPN, Youngmisuk said he didn't think the additional eight figure luxury tax hit would deter Mikhail Prokhorov. However, a league source told NetsDaily Monday evening that nothing on either front is imminent. "The cart is before the horse here," the source added, indicating the deals are at an early stage. The trade deadline is 3 p.m. Thursday.

With 14 roster spots, the Nets could trade Terry for Jack, then trade a piece like a protected second rounder or draft rights to a Euro-Stash for Hill. The Nets would not have to drop another player.  The luxury tax bill could be reduced if the Nets were able to trade another player for a pick or draft rights.  Such a deal would help the Lakers get under the luxury tax threshold this season, one in which L.A. has virtually no chance of making the playoffs.

The Nets have reportedly been looking for a post defender. Hill, still only 26, would fill that bill.

Hill, 26, was regarded as a bust during his early years in the NBA, but has played well with the Lakers the past two seasons in a reserve role, mostly. He is averaging about 20 minutes per game, scoring nearly nine points and grabbing seven rebounds. He has a reputation as a solid defender.