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Bojan Bogdanovic breaks out of shooting slump

Bojan Bogdanovic/Facebook

For the first time in more than a month, in two leagues and one national cup competition, Bojan Bogdanovic hit two three-pointers in a game. The Nets draft pick was 2-of-4 from three after hitting less than 10 percent of his three pointers in the New Year.

Bogdanovic finished with 16 points in 27 minutes, hitting 7-of-11 shots, handing out six assists, a healthy number in a European game, and grabbing two rebounds.  Fenerbahce won, 90-76, with a big fourth quarter rally over Besiktas, Deron Williams old team.

Bogdanovic, who's said he'd like to win something before leaving Fener, has his best chance in the Turkish League.  Fener is 14-4 in that league.  It's already lost the national cup, which it was expected to win, and is mired near the bottom of its group in Euroleague play, with little chance of getting to the Final Four.  All in all, their season has been a major disappointment.