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Grading the Nets: Writers start to give it a shot

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It's that time of year, when sports writers assign grades to players' (and coaches') performances in the "first half" of the season.  For the Nets, it's difficult with the first quarter much like that of a lonely freshman at college: he or she doesn't know anybody; is overwhelmed by his parents' expectations and can't find language lab.  The second quarter, things got better as he or she made new friends and started figuring things out. The profs got better too.

That said, Stefan Bondy tries on the tough professor's hat and hands out what he thinks are reasonable grades for the first semester.  One of the highlights: Bondy gives Jason Kidd a C, taking into account his Coach of the Month award but also noting his early stumbles.

There are many things Kidd could’ve handled better in the disastrous first two months, starting with the separation from Lawrence Frank. We understand oversized egos were involved, but Kidd could’ve found common ground and worked it out. At that time, Kidd appeared lost on the sideline, searching for answers and finding one in a cup of soda. That didn’t work out

Who gets the highest grades? Shaun Livingston got an A-, and Mason Plumlee got a B+.  Down at the other end? No surprise: Deron Williams got a D and Jason Terry a D-.  Of JET, Bondy writes, "there’s not much left in his game. Terry was a tack-on to the big trade over the summer, and you can see why the Celtics insisted he Nets take him."