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Joe Johnson's slow start dooms three-point chances

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Johnson took his time early and it cost him. Johnson earned only 11 points in the first round round of the All Star Weekend three-point shooting contest.  JJ's score was the worst among all competitors. Marco Belinelli of the Spurs won the contest with a high score of 24.

Johnson seemed to make a strategic error by starting out on the right wing and on the moneyball rack. The combination of methodical approach and the bad shooting on the moneyball rack doomed his chances early on.

As Mike Mazzeo points out, the right wing is Johnson's worst spot.  His season 3-point shooting splits: 45.8 percent left corner; 48.3 left wing; 33.3 top of the key; 25.0 right wing; 40.7 right corner. Meanwhile, in the D-League shooting contest, Adonis Thomas, the Armor's lone All-Star participant, finished with only 11 three-pointers.