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Marquis Teague: "It’s been real good for me"

Brooklyn Nets

Chicago reporters spoke with Marquis Teague --and his former coach, Tom Thibodeau-- Thursday about the transition between the Bulls and Nets.  Teague spoke positively of his year and a half with the Bulls, but reserved his biggest praise for the Nets and their point guards.

Of Chicago, Teague said...

I loved the city. Great fans. I loved playing with the team. It was a great group of guys that helped me grow. So I was just thankful to be here," Teague recounted. "Just go out there and just work hard. That’s what Thibs teaches and the fundamentals on the defensive end, that taught me a lot.

Of Brooklyn, Teague said...

"It’s been real good for me. Coming (to Brooklyn), I’ve been learning a lot, just watching ‘D-Will’ and watching Shaun, and just learning from coach Kidd. It’s been real good. I’ve been working hard ...
He just lets me come down — when I’m in the game — he lets me make decisions. He just lets me play. He lets me get freedom, so I just come off and I’m confident.

"That’s big. Just trusting you to go out there and make the right plays."

Although the Nets top priority is making the two trades last month was to lower luxury taxes and create roster flexibility, the Nets like Teague's potential, insiders noting how his brother Jeff went from bust to a solid point guard in his third year ... and Jeff was two years older than Marquis when drafted. (The Nets are the only NBA team to have three players with brothers on other teams.)