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Forbes: Joe Johnson is the 5th 'most overpaid' player in the NBA

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Johnson, who is currently in New Orleans for All-Star Weekend, has made the list of Forbes' "most overpaid" players in the NBA. Forbes used Dave Berri's advanced statistic "Wins Produced," which is an estimate of the numbers of wins an individual player has produced for his team, and held up the number relative to each player's annual salary -- not taking into account injured players -- and came up with a list of the "10 Most Overpaid" players in the NBA.

[Note: I could not do a better job at explaining "Wins Produced" than Berri himself could, so I won't do it a disservice -- it's quite complicated -- so, here's how Berri calculates "Wins Produced."]

Johnson, according to Forbes, is the 5th "most overpaid" player in the NBA. Here's why:

Salary: $21.4 million

Wins Produced: 2.84

A one-dimensional player who does little but score, and he doesn’t even do that efficiently (44% shooting this year, matching the career norm).

Johnson, a 7-time All-Star, who is currently in New Orleans readying for All-Star Weekend, is averaging 15 points per game in 33.1 minutes per.

Knicks big man Andrea Bargnani is the "most overpaid" player in the NBA, according to Forbes, followed by Carlos Boozer, Ben Gordon, Pau Gasol and, of course, Johnson.