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Mason Plumlee talks Miles, Nets in NetsDaily-hosted Google Hangout

Dexter Henry of NetsDaily hosted a Google Hangout on Saturday with Brooklyn Nets rookie Mason Plumlee

In answers to your questions, submitted through the event page and our comment section, Plumlee talked about his brother, Miles, noting how much better he did in the Rising Stars Challenge but admitting Miles is a better dunker; described the irony of growing up admiring Kevin Garnett --and now having him as a mentor; laughed about his duties as a Nets rookie starting with making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches ... and laid out reasons he blocks fans from his Twitter timeline.

He did decline to describe KG's trash talk, but instead recounted a story Paul Pierce told him about how an unnamed Celtics rookie trash-talked Garnett himself! KG didn't respond to the rookie but turned to Pierce and asked him to tell the rookie to stop it ... until he has 1,000 points or $500,000 in the bank.

As for the team, Plumlee spoke about the turnaround and how with so much veteran talent, the Nets are built for the playoffs. He added that the Nets aren't so much concerned about seeding but about getting to the playoffs. He described two of his teammates' style. Andray Blatche, he described as having an "ambitious" clothing sense and Brook Lopez as having a wardrobe that "rotates."

Plumlee was gracious, charming and eager to answer every question. NetsDaily fans thank the Big Plum.