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Nets have no problem knocking off the Bobcats, win 105-89

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Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

he Brooklyn Nets were three games under .500 entering tonight, with a game against the 8th place Charlotte Bobcats on the docket, it was a game that they "needed" to win if they wanted to keep pace with the rest of the Eastern Conference. And win they did, easily, beating the Bobcats 105-89.

Both teams got off to a very Eastern Conference-like start, with some missed jumpers and a few turnovers sprinkled in. Paul Pierce led the way for the Nets, scoring nine of the team's first 13 points -- his first three makes were all from beyond the three-point line. Andray Blatche got going early as well, off the bench, scoring nine points in seven minutes. Though, the defense struggled getting stops, and after one they led just 30-29.

Mirza Teletovic came out firing in the second quarter. He helped stretch the offense, while the Bobcats made just one of their first eight attempts to start the second. The Nets offense kept pushing, forcing the Bobcats to play at a faster tempo, which, believe it or not, favored the Nets.

At halftime, Brooklyn led 50-44.

The Nets forgot all about their third quarter struggles in this one, pulling to a 19-point lead midway through the third, with Pierce really cooking. After three quarters he was 9-of-11 with 25 points in22-plus minutes. He helped the Nets to a 85-63 lead over the struggling Bobcats. Nice offense, better defense. Game over, at this point.

Brooklyn closed out Charlotte in the fourth, winning 105-89. The Nets shot 50 percent from the floor, and were led by Pierce and his 25 points. They were able to maintain their lead over the Bobcats, who were sitting in eighth entering the night.

Next up, Thursday night in Chicago against the Bulls.

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