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Jeff Teague thinks Marquis Teague will be fine


Most pundits seem willing to dismiss Marquis Teague after a year and a half under Tom ThibodeauBulls fans considered him a bust. A first round pick two years ago, he never fulfilled his promise.

But  there is a precedent out there that has to give the Nets and their fans some hope: Teague's brother, Jeff, the starting point guard on the Hawks, is now a solid NBA point guard who like his brother was considered a bust his first two years in the NBA.

And Jeff Teague agrees, as one might suspect.  He thinks Marquis can play in the NBA and is happy his little brother is done with Chicago.

"I was happy he got out of here, to be honest," Jeff told's Chris Cason following the Hawks loss to the Bulls on Tuesday. "I just wanted him to get an opportunity. I don’t think it was a good fit for him (in Chicago). New opportunity, new chance to try and get something started for himself.

"I think when he was here, he lost a little confidence. But I called him all the time and told him to stay positive."

Jeff knows the territory.  As Hoops Addict stated at the end of last season, "Jeff Teague’s first two seasons in the NBA were an unequivocal bust."  In fact, it could be said he was a bigger bust than Marquis. He was taken higher in the 2009 draft (#19) than Marquis was taken three years later (#29). Jeff was also three years older, at 22, in his rookie year with Atlanta. He had played three years at Wake Forest to Marquis' one at Kentucky.

"Learning from great point guards, having (Jason Kidd) as his coach and having another great one on the floor; it’s perfect for him." Jeff added.