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Deron Williams: "I just want to get healthy"

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Deron Williams won't be in New Orleans this weekend, just as he wasn't in Houston last year.  Last year, he used the All-Star break to get some rest and some treatments and he came back with a flourish.  This year, he's faced with basically the same issue: the need to get healthy.

He admitted Tuesday that he isn't healthy and may have to wait till the summer to "figure it out."

"I just want to get healthy again, man," Williams said at practice. "If I get healthy, I know what can happen. It’s been a frustrating two years for me injury-wise. It’s something I can’t really control. Hopefully I can figure it out this summer and then go from there."

Williams admits his confidence has taken a hit, but the Nets still hope he can reprise his post-All Star Break success this year.

"With some of the injuries that he's had early on, for us it's a matter of him playing well going on from here and into the playoffs and next season," Jason Kidd said. "Right now it's just a matter of him getting better each time he's taking the floor and he's done that."