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With the NBA trade deadline approaching, what 'should' the Nets do?

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sport

The NBA trade deadline is Thursday, February 20, at 3:00PM (EST). Most of you already have that date and time circled, starred and highlighted on your calendar, as you try to play the role of Brooklyn Nets GM Billy King to improve this team.

There have been some rumors, speculation and some armchair GM-isms happening as of late. The biggest bit of news came from Alex Raskin of the Wall Street Journal, who reports that some 20 teams are currently interested in Euro-stash Bojan Bogdanovic.

According to Raskin, there have been talks between the Nets and Raptors which would include Bogdanovic and Toronto's starting point guard Kyle Lowry.

Tuesday afternoon, Stefan Bondy tweeted that he's heard chances of a move are limited.

Other assets, as we've noted here, that the Nets have to offer include Paul Pierce's expiring contract, Brook Lopez and Mason Plumlee. Beyond the reported talks between the Nets and Raptors, though, there hasn't been much to report. We heard about a discussion between the Nets and Rockets in a trade that included Deron Williams heading to Houston for Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik, but those talks, as reported, didn't really transpire into much.

Zach Lowe of Grantland has offered up a fake trade where the Nets would send Pierce's expiring contract to the Denver Nuggets for Wilson Chandler, J.J. Hickson and Andre Miller. While, over at ESPN, Ohm Youngmisuk wonders about a deal with the Lakers that would include Brook Lopez and Pau Gasol, but notes that according to a source, the Lakers want a first round draft pick, and the Nets don't really have one to offer -- at least not in the near future.

Youngmisuk then brings up Bucks' big man Larry Sanders as an ideal target, a young, athletic big who can defend and rebound. It's not a rumor, just a thought.

Deron Williams already noted that he doesn't think the team is going to make a trade, before saying that the last time he said that he himself was traded. But, to his point, he thought the core should stick together, and Brook Lopez said as much when he met with the media on Sunday. But, if they want to make a major move to improve the team, it's like going to have to be without their biggest trade asset or one of their core players. The trade deadline is about nine days away, and we know that if the Nets are going to make a big move it's likely going to have to include one or more of Bogdanovic, Pierce, Lopez, Plumlee and possibly Williams.

Which is why we ask you, fans, what it is you would do as the trade deadline approaches. Would you make a trade to move Bogdanovic to improve the team in the short term? Would you be willing to let Lopez go if it meant getting a short-term big to help the Nets win this year? Would you be willing to let Williams go? How about Pierce?

Let us know in the comments what you think the Nets should do.