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Jay, Bey, Wills and Kate cement Treaty of Brooklyn

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

You could call it the Treaty of Brooklyn, in which the royalties of two great powers -- Great Britain and Hip-Hop -- met and became allies

At the end of the third quarter, not long after Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, had sat at courtside, Jay-Z and Beyonce', rap royalty, got up from their seats next to the Nets bench and walked across the court, escorted by a beaming Brett Yormark, and met, to the cheers of the 17,732 fans. Standing nearby was Will and Kate's hostest for the evening, Irina Pavlova, known to some as president of ONEXIM Sports and Entertainment, but to her fans as the Czarina!

Jay-Z could be seen mouthing the word, "Welcome," grinning broadly. There were no curtsies or bows, just small talk, not further described, before play resumed. The British royals entourage was the larger of the two, one of the few times that's ever happened! 

For the Nets, it was a major coup. In the celebrity battle, Barclays Center had once again topped Madison Square Garden for whom rounding up the well-known and well-heeled is an art form.  Last season, the Nets lured both Sir Paul McCartney and former President Bill Clinton to Brooklyn.  It will be hard for the Dolans to top that.  They can have Matthew Modine.

After the game, the British royals met with Jay and Bey's friend, THE King, LeBron James, who presented them with two Cavs jerseys, one a smaller sized for Prince George, next in the line of succession.  It read "George" on the back and was held up by the Prince.  He also presented them with cupcakes from Akron's Baker Blvd, in his hometown.  LeBron was the only player the royals met with.

"Of course, they’ve done other things. Went to the White House as well," James said. "But for them to take time out of their schedule and come here, it’s their first time watching a (NBA) basketball game. It was honor that I would be that guy they decided that they wanted to watch. It’s pretty cool."

The British Consulate dutifully tweeted out a picture to mark yet another triumph for the House of Windsor.

It might have done wonders for the Brits diplomatically if they had also met with the King of Bosnia, Mirza Teletovic, but he had been wounded on the field of combat, receiving four stitches for a mouth laceration and a hip pointer.  It comes with the royal territory.